Frequently Asked Questions

What do I sell as an Energis Partner?

Rather than solely operating as a solar specialist or a hot water specialist, Energis Partners get to offer a broad range of free energy and energy efficient products to customers. This includes solar systems & PV panels, hot water products & air conditioning/heating products. This means you can have a broader sales opportunity with prospective customers and because you don't need to do any installations, you can focus on sales and earning commissions. Furthermore, you are not limited to the consumer market. You can sell to businesses and larger commercial clients, awarding youeven larger commissions.

Do I need to be a Product expert?

No - you need to be proficient at sales and service and be able to communicate well with customers and explain the benefits of the products.You need to have a good working knowledge of different products, their features, and benefits, which you will achievethrough professional training sessions as well as manufacturer training material.

Who installs the Products?

Energis has its own installers and contractors who are expertsat the technical side of things. They work to strict quality control guidelines and service standards so they will be reliable and trustworthy business partners for you. They need you to sell and keep giving them work so they will be keen to support you and your business.

How does Energis help me get a fast start?

Our brand opens many doors and our expansive but competitively priced product range helps convert many opportunities. On top of this we have a specific "Fast Start" program for new Partners that is a combination of training, marketing support and coaching over the first 3 months. We train you in the products as well as how to meet clients’ needs and sell. We oversee your initial marketing plan and launch, plus we organise specific lead generation activity in these early stages to boost your early sales.

How much money can I make?

The financial opportunity is uncapped and the market is growing fast and will continue to grow. Legally we cannot make representations or promises about your potential earnings. Your earnings will be directly connected to your effort and sales capability. What we have done to maximise your earnings potential is to offer very high commission rates, including even higher rates on sale of products in the commercial sector. We also give you a brand, product suite, systems and framework that is superior in its market positioning and relevance. This is a Franchise that will best suit entrepreneurial and hardworking Partners who can build rapport with clients and develop energy solutions to save money for customers. This all translates to genuine large earnings potential. It is up to you make the most of this opportunity.

What is the process in becoming an Energis Partner?

Complete the online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your suitability and opportunities. From there we will invite you to attend an interview where you will be provided with further information.